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Steel Mounting
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Steel Mounting


The HUGE Steel Mounting has been developed as a universal PV modules,mounting system for open space ground installations. The system composed with OD60mm hot galvanized steel pipe,rails, the specialmodules, cross pipe connector and cap kit. The high degree of pre-assembly eliminate the need for onsite cutting, welding and enables quick and easy field PV module installations.

Installation Site: Open Ground

Installation Angle: 0~60degree

Wind Load: Up to 60m/s

Snow Load: Up to 1.5KN/m2

Module Orientation: Landscape or portrait

Ground Clearance: 300mm~3000mm

Applicable Module: Framed and frameless

Module Width: Any

Code Compliance: AS/NZS1170 and other international standards

Material: Galvanized Steel Pipe, Stainless Steel 304

Color: Painted as per customer’s requirement or natural

Warranty: 10 years warranty and 20 years product service life

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